What is an electronic workers logg?

From 1 Januari 2016 all building sites in Sweden must have electronic workers logg, where the workers logg in and out when they enter and leave the work area. It is the responsibility of the developer/buyer to make sure that the infrastructure exists for the logging, but it is the responsibility of the entrepreneur to make sure that the workers logg in and out of the system when they enter and leave the area.

Organisations included are...

  • All developers/companies that buy some kind of construction work on buildings or ground, such as renovation, new construction, road work, drainage, etc.
  • Contractors, which includes all kinds of contractors like electricity, ground work, carpenters, builders, roof workers, installers of machinery, etc. Note that also contractors from other countries are bound by the new law.
  • Supporting organisations for the building work, such as cleaner, architect, consultant, constructor, etc.
  • Authorities that give some kind of support to the construction work,
  • Salespersons, that visits the building site.

Developer = buyer.

These contractors are included

  • new constructions,
  • renovations of existing constructions,
  • ground work, such as roads, parking lots, drainage, etc.,
  • all kinds of electricity work such as installation or replacement of lighting,
  • all kinds of work with stationary machinery, such as replacement of boiler or work on machinery for handling of substrate, packaging, sorting, etc.,
  • work on low voltage installations, like for instance upgrading of control computer systems, installation of alarm, work with intranet, etc.

If you are in doubt if a contract is included in the law or not, it probably is included by the new law.


  • Contracts under 140 000 SEK are not comprised by the new legislation.
  • Contracts for private persons are not comprised by the new legislation.
  • Visits on the construction site that lasts less than 4 hours does not need to be logged, for example deliveries of material.

Think about this if you are…


Think about this if you are a buyer of contracts:

  • get the necessary equipment for electronic logging of workers,
  • get an electronic ID, BankID, if you do not already have it (not a demand but makes it much easier),
  • inform the Swedish Tax Agency about the contract to be performed before the work is started, this can be done via the dedicated homepage with BankID or with the paper form Anmälan - Byggarbetsplats, (form SKV 1528), forms are available on the Swedish Tax Agency’s homepage for forms,
  • make sure that the contractors have the necessary identification cards, ID06, before they enter the construction site,
  • inform any changes of the contract to the Swedish Tax Agency maximum two weeks after the changes have taken place,
  • inform the Swedish Tax Agency when the contract is finished, maximum two weeks after the work is completed.


Think about this if you are a contractor:

  • get identification cards, ID06-cards, for all workers that are going to have access to the contracting site,
  • if your company is a turn key contractor with a written responsibility for the logging system, you must also get the necessary electronic equipment for the workers logg,
  • make sure that there is an electronic workers logg on the construction site, that is to tell the buyer that the buyer must supply the equipment so that you can access it (except when you are a turn key contractor with a signed agreement that you supply the necessary equipment),
  • make sure that the supplied equipment for logging the workers is available for the workers to use and that they have the necessary knowledge to use it.

…salesman, supplier, architect, surveyor, other support worker, authority, other kind of consultant, etc.

Think about this:

  • get identifications cards, ID06, for the staff that will visit the construction site for more than 4 hours at a time,
  • logg when you arrive and when you leave the construction site.

This is an electronic workers logg

The system for an electronic workers logg consists of a computer program where data is logged, and equipment for the workers to logg when they enter or leave the contracting  site. Every passage is logged to and from the construction site is logged. Registration can be accomplished in different ways, but the most common is with a special identification card, such as ID06 that is adapted and accredited to be used for the electronic logging of workers according to the regulations stipulated by the Swedish Tax Agency, but there are cheaper and easier systems such as the e-register from Cikado.


ID06 is a common standard in the building sector in Sweden, for registering when someone enters or leaves the construction site. The ID06-system is accredited according to the new legislation and can be used for electronic logging of workers. ID06 requires the developer, or the contractor if it is a turnkey project, to have minimum one physical terminal, where the staff enters each passage to and from the construction site. This also means that each person needs an individual id-card in the ID06 system. The id cards are bought from one of the suppliers of id cards and equipment for the ID06 system. Pricing is from € 1000 and upwards.

For more information contact the ID06 organisation’s home page.

E-register from Cikado

Cikado’s system is a terminal free system, consisting of an account on Cikado’s server (the electronic register) and a smart phone or tablet app (iOS or Android). The easiest thing is if each person has the app in their own smart phone, with their details entered, but it is also possible to just have one tablet with all the staff registered in it. The staff then just go to the tablet and enters when they arrive or leave the construction site. In the Cikado system the developer only pays for the months that it is being used. The app is free, but the account at Cikado costs from € 20 and upwards depending on how many that uses the system, and is only charged the months with passages.


For more information visit Cikado’s home page.


There are sanctions if the demands stipulated are not fulfilled. The sanctions are:

For the buyer

  • If the Swedish Tax Agency has not been informed about the contract: 25 000 SEK
  • There are no system for electronic logging of the workers or if the equipment is not available during an inspection: 10 000 SEK

For the contractor

  • The logg does not exist or is not available during an inspection: 10 000  SEK
  • The logg is not correct: 10 000 SEK
  • A person is missing in the logg: 2 000 SEK/person

If the buyer has not notified the Swedish Tax Agency about the start of the contract, or if the buyer does not make any equipment for electronic logging available to the contractor, the contractor will not get any sanction.


Unfortunately there is no information available in English, the links below all go to sites in Swedish. Contact the Swedish Tax Agency directly by telephone or e-mail.

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